Glitchy NASA Mars Curiosity rover will get back again to science


Factors are on the lookout a tiny rosier for NASA on the crimson world.

The Mars Curiosity rover encountered a problem in mid-September that prevented it from thoroughly sending saved details back again to Earth. This place an unforeseen halt to the machine’s science functions as NASA labored to type out the issue and switch the rover to a backup computer.

This memory anomaly is nevertheless less than investigation, but the Curiosity team said Friday that it will resume restricted science functions.


1 intriguing improvement is that the mission group is getting photos with an engineering digital camera that has not been made use of because 2013.

NASA is also the moment once again submitting uncooked photos from Curiosity’s cameras, which includes a see from a entrance hazard-avoidance digital camera that shows the rocky landscape at Vera Rubin Ridge.

Curiosity’s return to science is a welcome piece of excellent information for NASA, which is nevertheless making an attempt to regain contact with the Mars Opportunity rover. Possibility went into hibernation in June following a dust storm blotted out its photo voltaic panels and it has not been read from because.

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