Manifold Gauge Set

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Product Specification:
1. Product Weight: 7.0 Ib
2. Length of Hose: 59 inch
3. Product Size: 14*12*4 inch
4. Low Gauge Reading range: -30-800 psi
5. High Gauge Reading range: -30-500 psi

Packing List:
1* Value core wrench
1* Dual end screwdriver
2* 1/2″ Adjustable joint
1* Consumable accessories
2* 1/4″ Non-adjustable joint
3* Horses (blue horse, red horse, yellow horse)
1* HVAC manifold gauge set 410a for HVAC only
Not including quick connector coupler (adapter)

Product Information:
1.Use For: HVAC, home air conditioning
2.Product Name: manifold gauge set R410a
3.Suitable Refrigerant: R410A, R22, R32 refrigerant

Product Advantages:
1. Sight glass design, when you charging the refrigerant, you can see the liquid refrigerant flow from R410a refrigerant bottle to blue low-pressure horse.
2. 3-color hose of HVAC gauge is of excellent flexibility. Made of rubber material, these hoses are more durable for frequent using, providing maximum flexibility even around corners, avoiding kinking damage.
3. Professional instructions, our instructions provide detailed using guidance, including how to vacuum, how to charge the refrigerant. (1) high pressure port charge liquid refrigerant. (2) low pressure ports gas refrigerant.
4. Avoid refrigerant leakage, because the three-color hose connector is made of nylon, it is high wear resistance material, to avoid leakage of refrigerant, avoid causing environmental and health problems, and protecting your A/C equipment when using.

Buying Tips:
1. If you want to repair your “HVAC”, “Home A/C”, please choose: R410a manifold gauge set.
2. If you want to diagnose your “Car A/C” system, please choose: R134a manifold gauge set.

Diagnostic A/C Tool Kit for R410A, Brass HVAC Service Set with 5 ft Hoses, Adjustable Joint ( from 1/2″ Male to 1/4″ Female Including) for R410A, R22, R32, Not for Car Use


  • 【Prevent Leakage】 Because INCLAKE three-color hose connector of HVAC manifold gauge set is made of nylon, which is high wear resistance, to prevent leakage of R410A, R22, R32 refrigerant, avoid environmental and health problems, and protect your home A/C equipment and HVAC when using.
  • 【Sight Glass Design】 Manifold pressure gauge R410A is widely suitable for HVAC, home A/C. The sight glass design will help you see the flowing liquid refrigerant, when you charging the refrigerant. Low pressure gauge: -30 to 500 psi, high pressure gauge: -30 to 800 psi, and you can get accurate readings in a short time.
  • 【Durable 3-color Hose】 The hose is made of rubber material, which is very flexible and durable, not easy to be damaged, and extend the service life of the R410A HVAC gauge. Before use, please connect the blue hose to the low-pressure connector, the red hose to the high-pressure connector, and the yellow hose to the charge/release refrigerant.
  • 【Professional Instructions】 The instructions detailed introduce how to vacuum, recharge the refrigerant. Even if you are not a professional repairman, you can also independently diagnose, repair your home A/C, just follow the instructions. Hard plastic plate instructions can be hung, waterproof and durable manual for long-term use.
  • 【What Will You Get?】 A/C diagnostic manifold gauge set for R410a, 3-color hose, 1/2″ adjustable joint, 1/4″ non-adjustable joint, dual end screwdriver, value core wrench, consumable accessories, the professional instructions, plastic tote box.



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